SOURCE: FROM FOX NEWS PUBLISHED (6/4/19): ***Florida trooper hospitalized in dramatic turnpike hit-and-run caught on camera***

Newly released traffic camera footage showed a driver hitting a Florida Highway Patrol trooper with his car.

The camera captured a trooper talking to the driver of a white BMW on the Florida Turnpike near the Hollywood Boulevard exit on May 25.

Trooper Arsenio Caballero assisted that trooper and during the traffic stop, as Caballero walked back to his vehicle and as the other trooper was still conducting the traffic stop,  Caballero was hit by the white sedan as the driver sped away, Miami Fox station WSVN-TV reported.

The video showed the hit-and-run driver ramming into Caballero without hesitation. Caballero was seen rolling on top of the car.

The other trooper at the scene could then be seen in the video running in Caballero’s direction.

Caballero, who had only been on the force for about a year, reportedly was rushed to a nearby hospital as “a trauma alert” but later was released and was recovering at home.

Investigators said they found the abandoned vehicle a few days after the incident but still reportedly were looking for the driver.


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