VIDEO DESCRIPTION: “Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams joined Sunday Square Off on 12 News Sunday morning for a live interview to discuss officers’ behavior in a video after a shoplifting incident that has led to a lawsuit against the city.”

NEW Video = “New surveillance video released in Phoenix family’s viral police encounter

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: “The video released by Phoenix police shows Iesha Harper, Dravon Ames and an unnamed woman leaving a store, allegedly with merchandise they didn’t pay for. READ MORE: Phoenix couple in viral-video arrest, community activist vow to ‘shut down’ mayor’s town hall

PLEASE NOTE: It’s stated in the news report that the officers said the couple did not initially comply with police demands, and they also thought the couple may have been armed, and then the pregnant black mother admits to the shop-lifting.

MORE FROM FOX NEWS: “The Latest on Phoenix police pointing guns at a couple during a shoplifting investigation (all times local):

1 p.m.

Phoenix police have released store surveillance video apparently designed to back up its assertion that adults and not just a child shoplifted before officers pointed guns and yelled profanities at a family.

The video released Tuesday has been edited and faces blurred. It shows a man taking something from a display rack and examining it, but it’s unclear what happened to it when he walked off camera.

According to last month’s police report, Dravon Ames says he threw a pair of stolen underwear out of his car. It also says a woman in a different vehicle was arrested for stealing aluminum foil.

Video released earlier that shows police confronting Ames and his pregnant fiancee has drawn outcry.

The black couple have said their 4-year-old daughter took a doll without their knowledge and have filed a $10 million civil rights claim.


9 a.m.

The city of Phoenix has organized a community meeting at a downtown church to discuss a videotaped encounter involving police officers who pointed guns and yelled profanities at a black couple after their 4-year-old daughter took a doll from a store.

Mayor Kate Gallego and Police Chief Jeri Williams are expected at the Tuesday night meeting. Both have apologized publicly for the incident.

The video released Friday shows officers aiming guns and yelling profane commands at Dravon Ames and his pregnant fiancée, as she held their 1-year-old daughter.

The couple filed a $10 million claim against the city alleging civil rights violations. The race of the officers involved is not known.

They say their daughter stole a doll from a store without their knowledge. No charges were filed.”

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