SOURCE: BATAVIA, NY (WHAM) – Batavia Police Officer Darryle Streeter says he’s seen it all in his line of work.

What happened last week, though, is something he’ll never forget.

Early in the morning on June 5th, Streeter said he pulled over a car. One of the passengers was Brandon Fogg, a suspect in an open investigation.

“I then went around to the passenger side of the vehicle to speak to him,” Streeter recalled. He said Fogg then tried to run.

“At that point in time, I took him physically down to the ground and an altercation occurred between the two of us.”

He said he had the suspect face down on the ground when the situation turned worse.

“I see a handgun pulled out from under his belly and being pointed basically at my head,” he recalled.

Streeter braced himself for the worst. He didn’t expect what happened next.

“I see a foot come down on his wrist. I see a hand reach down and remove the hand gun from there.”

It was Ralph Bush, a military veteran and a worker at O-AT-KA Milk Products, a company across the street. Bush was just finishing his shift and heading home.

“I turned left to leave and looked in my review rear,” said Bush.

When he saw the officer was in trouble, he ran over to help.

“At the time I noticed a pistol came into play,” he recalled. “I wasn’t about to let him get shot.”

Bush got the weapon, later revealed to be a BB gun, away from the suspect and Streeter arrested him. Streeter, a husband and father of two, is grateful Bush was there.

“It was a flood of emotions,” he said.

Now, a friendship has blossomed.

“Oh absolutely. We’ll be friends for the rest of our lives now,” said Streeter.

“He is six months away from retiring and I think we’re going to go fishing,” Bush added.

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