“ALL COPS ARE PUPPETS” – If you’re offended by me using this meme in my post, please go get your Sarcasm-Detector re-calibrated, Thanks, Captain Howdy

It’s just too way easy to find a, screw all cops and screw all white people also stories to post on my sites advocating for the cops and looking into race relations in Amerikkka.

So a very woke, new on the scene white rapper, who is nothing but a copycat – he’s new on the scene so he burst all out with a F all the cops and a F all the white people too song and video.

In the lyrics and the video, they portray a cop that’s a little bit racist and a little bit brutal, and what race would you guess he is? Actually it shows a lot of racist white cops that like to beat on black guys for fun.

The very woke & “progressive” white rapper brings up the KKK. Which even the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center have both said, there are officially less than 10,000 KKK members in America today. And last week even, they held a KKK rally in Dayton Ohio, in Amerikka no less, and only 9 people showed up. Probably because they was too scared of all the 600+ protestors that showed up to oppose them.

And then the story told in the video goes on to slavery, Jim Crow and all that jive. And of course criminals can’t help but commit crime, because they are poor little poor people and y’all know poverty causes crime (I’m just being a little sarcastic just to keep my sanity of course).

I  wonder why Dylann Roof don’t get a break for being poor? Wait a minute, was that monster poor? Really???

Devon Tracy, here, is a true liberal, not one of them far-left Progressive liberals of the day. He’s the only one on the left I know of speaking about this kind of stuff, so y’all might want to sub to his channel.

New Woke Whight NYC Rapper spits out Song and Video, says all NYC Police are Brutal Racist Whight Oinkers


Forensic Criminologist Ron Martinell says CITIZENS NEED MORE DE-ESCALATION TRAINING than Cops

POVERTY NO EXCUSE for Crime says Race and Social Problems Journal Study

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