White Cop kills Black Cop 10 years ago, Young Turks Race Vulter it up.

Race hustlers The Young Turks racialized a 10 year old white cop on black cop Friendly Fire killing to make the cops seem racist. All while ignoring the many white cops who were also killed by friendly fire from their own fellow officers, a lot more recent than 10 years ago.

The Young Turks are in the same vein as Tariq Nasheed, Shaun King, Al Sharpton, Umar Johnson, Michael Wood, the mainstream media, President Obama and countless others that are engaging in a war against cops to make the cops look racist, as if they are hunting black guys, are racist and habitually brutal towards black people.

But the truth of the matter is cops are more hesitant to shoot a black person because they know they will be crucified in the court of public opinion and labeled a racist forever even if a jury finds them innocent and the shooting is totally justified.

There are many many race Hustlers that lie on the cops by editing videos, taking stories out of context and even making up straight out lies. Tariq Nasheed was worth 3 and 1/2 million dollars in 2015 being what he calls an anti racist strategist but really he’s Race Hustler that continually lies about the cops and white people to make our country seem white supremacists, and all white people racist, whether they know it or not.

Many of these race Hustlers call the cops Race Soldiers thanks to Tariq Nasheed coining the term. There is no war against black people being waged by the cops, but there is a multi-faceted war going on against the cops, with all these race Hustlers influencing millions and millions of people, inspiring the assassination of five police in Dallas who ironically somewhere black (by black a ex-military man who said he was angry about Black Lives Matter) And also Gavin Long, another ex-military black guy, who was whipped up and incited by The Young Turks and Tariq Nasheed to assassinate three officers in Baton Rouge, just weeks after the Dallas assassination at the Black Lives Matter rally, which also left an officer in a vegetative state with the long long recovery.

These race Hustlers are inspiring people to kill cops. In 2016 the number of cops shot and killed in the line of duty rose by 63% with around 25 being assassinated. The FBI has determined that the sharp rise in the amount of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty is because of the false black lives matter narrative.



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