Some people claim that cops should not shoot people who are attacking them with knifes, or they claim the cops should shoot them in the legs or use Less Than Lethal Weapons rather than shoot and kill them. Well the reason cops tend to shoot assailants with knifes quickly is that, believe it or not, knifes in some situations can be more dangerous than guns.

In fact there used to be a video on Youtube, that I could not longer find, that showed cops in an east Asian country trying to apprehend a guy with a knife without drawing their firearms. They probably thought it was safe to do so since there was 5 cops, but the guy with the knife stabbed and/or slashed 4 of the cops before one of them could draw their firearms and shoot the guy.

Even though I could not find that video I found 2 others than are pertinent here, along with one article, that exemplifies why people who do not want to be arrested and have a knife can be so dangerous. Please watch these two videos and read the article below.

Please also share this video with friends and family, in your groups or with anyone who might not really appreciative the cops and the necessary job that they do. Share this especially if you see someone who is outright hateful towards the cops because there is a war going on against cops.

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: The ultimate question: what distance should you keep when dealing with an attacker armed with a knife? We tested this with two spec ops veterans, a REX Zero 1 FX handgun and a dummy knife. See the results for yourself.

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: A demonstration of the damage done by some common easily accessible knives. A single slash on a pigs leg. The knives used are a box cutter or craft knife, a semi sharp vegetable knife, a larger semi sharp kitchen knife, a small sharp folding knife. This information is to educate people about the dangers of knives for self defence purposes.


1. Knives Are Deadlier

Yes, you read that right…

According to FBI fatality stats from officers killed in a fight, 10% of those who were shot died from their wounds.

But 30% of those who were attacked with a knife were killed as a result of being cut and stabbed.

2. Knives Don’t Have A Line Of Fire

A gun can only kill you if you’re in the direct line of the path of the bullet.

That also explains why , even in ranges as close as 3′-6′, only about 1 in 4 bullets actually hit the target – and these stats are from trained police officers!

But knives can do lethal damage from any angle and they don’t miss their target.

3. Knives Don’t Run Out Of Ammo

In a close quarters attack, you could be stabbed 3-5 times in a single second.

A handgun is only going to give you about 15 rounds or so (on the high end).

Unless you’re behind cover or at a distance far enough to give you some time to reload, that’s all you’re going to get.

And FBI stats also reveal that only 1 in 4 bullets ever hit their mark – even at ranges as close as 3′.

Considering that it may take several rounds to finally stop an attacker, you may find your clip empty and still facing an enraged thug with a knife that’s not running out of metal.

4. Knives Take No Skill To Use

Since we were young, holding and cutting with a knife has been built into our natural abilities.

While it takes lots and lots of training to become an expert with a firearm, any scumbag with a pointy piece of metal can wield a blade like a master with even the crudest of movements.

Consider also that most gun owners who go to the range are practicing “target shooting” and aren’t prepared for how to shoot in a real close-quarters gunfight.

5. Knives Give Little Warning

Not only can knives be concealed and drawn easier than a firearm, but they’re silent killers.

When a gun is fired, you know you’re in a gunfight.

However, many victims in a knife attack claim they didn’t even know they were being stabbed until it was too late.

When under the influence of the adrenaline rush of a real attack, you may in fact not feel yourself being cut and mistake it for simply being punched.

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