Not only do people claim black people get pulled over by cops for simply “driving while black” some also say black men are killed by cops just for “being black”. Here Donut Operator was challenged on Twitter to show a single black person who shot at the cops and was not subsequently killed by the cops for it. So Donut made a list of black guys who shot at the cops, and even shot and killed cops, and was taken into custody with being shot.

He also sets straight the false narratives about Dylan Roof and Nicholas Cruz, two supposed white guys who were not kill by cops but “should have been because they committed mass killings”. Roof for instance was taken into custody without being shot because he was pulled over by cops away from the crime scene, after the crime was committed,and he complied and did not resist arrest, and no he was not taken to Burger King as the false narrative claims.

This video does a great job of showing black guys are not killed just for “being black” as so many claim. Check it out and please share. You can see Donut Operator’s excellent YT channel here.

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