The reactions of certain people and groups to the cop having to shoot and kill the woman in Baytown Texas recently proves there is indeed a war going on against cops. See what Tariq Nasheed, other “pro-blacks’, some elders from the “Afro-centrism movement”, Louis Farrakhan and The Young Turks had to say about the probable justified killing. It is obvious they are trying to get more cops killed and/or stoke a race war. The “elders’ even say the cop, his wife and his kids should be hunted down and killed. Farrakhan tells black people that they are not real blacks if they do not avenge her death by killing cops, and advocates for black vigilante justice.

If you do not believe some people are trying to start a race war just watch the recently released documentary from Jason Black called Race War. Here also. It claims America is and always has been waging war against black people and we are more racist now than ever, so therefore black people need to start fighting back. The reaction video clips start at about 15 minutes in. Please watch and share.

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