Police The Police” is being deceptive once again in this meme, there is indeed a war against cops!!! And they are a part of it!!!

Yeh, there was only 28 cops killed so far in 2018 compared to 254 non-cops killed by cops. But as always proportionality tells the true tale.

These numbers seem way far out of whack until you consider there are only about 750,000 cops in the US and then consider that there are also about 350,000,000 citizens. So when you consider that, the numbers are really wildly out of proportion the other way than what “Police The Police” would have you think. Cops are actually 24.93 times more likely to be killed by a non-cop than to kill a non-cop so far in 2018. (as of June 3rd, the date of the meme post). And that is about the same average every year also.

Here is how I arrived at that number. I divided 750,000 (the approximate number of cops in the US) by 28 (the number of cops killed so far in 2018) and that equals 26,785, so 1 in 26,785 cops have been killed by non-cop so far this year. And then I divided 350,000,000 (the approximate number US citizens) by 524 (the number of non-cops that cops have killed so far in 2018) and that equals 667,938. That means 1 in 667,938 non-cops have been killed by cops so far this year. And when you divide 667,938 by 26,785 that makes a cop 24.93 times more likely to get killed by a non-cop than it is for a non-cop to get killed by a cop.

Cops get killed on a per capita basis about 25 times more often than they kill. That is the mathematical fact.

So yes there is a war against cops. We do not have a police brutality problem we have a citizen brutality problem were too many non-cop citizens do not respect any authority, resit arrest and get violent against the cops rather than comply with lawful orders.

And this is just what “Police The Police” and other so called “Cop Watch” and “Police Accountability” groups like them do, instigate disobedience to the law and encourage others to resist the police because “Police The Police” is really an Anarchist group that poses as a “Cop Watch” group but want an Anarchist revolution rather than police accountability, that is why the advocate for abolishing the police all together.

One thought on “HEY ANTI-COP “POLICE THE POLICE”: Cops Are 25 Times More Likely To Be Killed Than To Kill

  1. You do not get to make claims on this blog without some sort of substantiation, so try again Maam. Anyone can make any claim they want, but not against cops not on this blog. UR comment was edited to nothingness because it was just ur opinion with no data points to back up your many potential felonious claims. – by admin Captain Howdy


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