BY DAMON WHITSELL: And Mrs. High and her attorney Kim T Cole know this. They say he was “murdered by the cops” because even though he had a gun he “did not shoot the gun at the cops”.

But Miss Cole is a “pro-black” who thinks black people can do no wrong and if you’re black and you criticize the black community, or the sub-culture of Black America, then you’re wanting to be white and kissing the white mans ass. She also tells black people who criticize the black sub-culture that whether they like it or not no matter how many white people asses they kiss they are still “N**gas”.

Here are some relevant links.

Robert Townsend post were Attorney Kim T Cole shows she thinks blacks can do no wrong and if you disagree and you’re black you’re a sell-out to your race.

Mrs. High’s and Kim T Coles radio interview

Mrs. High’s video and YT channel

2 Dallas News articles


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