VIDEO DESCRIPTION: “This video is absolute proof that supposed cop watch and police accountability groups like Filming Cops, Police the Police, Cop Block and ARE HATE GROUPS that are run by anarchists that hate and are against all cops, laws and governments, and are not about accountability, but stirring up as much hate for cops as possible because they desire an anarchist Revolution and the abolition of all police, laws, governments and law enforcement.

Check out my site at where I will take their videos and articles where they twist and edit the truth to make the cops look bad everyday. and I will be untangling and debunking there lies and propaganda against OUR men and women in blue.

At I will be posting regularly shortly and will be seeking to recruit other researchers and writers to expose their hate that is contributing to the increase in cops shot and killed in the line of duty. If you are interested please comment on a post on the website at

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